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Azealia Banks – Liquorice.

New vid for one of the dopest tracks out right now!



Toronto adventures continue!

Meetings in the morning. Rooftop pool parties and free drinks in the afternoon. Backyard BBQs in the evening!

Overall its been a slice!

This weekend should be exciting. MMVAs are in full effect. Even tho we’re not nominated for anything (I predict this will change in the future) and we havn’t officially been invited into the festivities, we are planning on crashing all the after parties.


We’ll have to let you know how that all works out!





We love Breakbot! Been a fan for a while.

Dig this mix thats perfect to wake up to….

I just did!


Shaddy and I chillin in Toronto last night at some random rooftop party!

DiRTY RADiO/HERATIX are reppin Vancouver for the next two weeks on the East Coast of Canada as part of NXNE and a DiRTY RADiO promo tour in support of all our new music shit!

It feels good to be back after 2011′s week long East Coast ordeal in which we met with every Canadian major label and realized that the entire Canadian music industry was falling apart and very few peeps had any idea what the fuck was going on.

Much nicer now that we got our shit sorted out! This Toronto trip is gonna be for the books!

We rocked a dope show last night at the Tattoo Rock Parlour with our friend TALWST (who’s really great). If you havn’t heard – check out this amazing track he just released!

He put on a great show!

We then headed out into the city and P A R T I E D

Toronto peeps are so nice!

Everything clmiaxxxxed when we rolled into a 24 hour diner and ran into our great friend Ryan Dahle!

How random is that shit!!!! Besides being the most awesome guy ever, hes’s also playing NXNE this Saturday night with his band LIMBLIFTER. You can bet 100 Arabic Squirrels that we will be there!

The East Coast sunrise was fantastic.

All in all a great evening.


I realized something today. The internet has been put here for ME to connect with YOU. Therefore, on account of how incredibly interesting my life is, I’m going to begin to share every thought, feeling, reflection, and motivation with you from now on.

Do YOU know what that means?

Neither do I, but I’m pretty sure millions of years from now extraterrestral life will stumble upon my archives and realize what an awesome life I had! I promise to blog/tweet/instagram/facebook harder than anyone has ever before! I am gonna fuck SOCIAL MEDIA in the ASS.

NO, this is not incredibly narcicistic. Don’t you get it? Its my DUTY to all my followers out there (whoever the fuck you are). All the people sitting in front of computer screens killing time in between, eating, shitting, making out with their girlfriend, and whatever other purpose they have discovered their lives to have.

AND WE ARE SO LUCKY. The internet exists!


You don’t even have to thank me.





Once upon a time I used to keep a journal.

I practiced dropping my most personal bits of info into those secret pages,  allowing me to eventually reflect on my past with an honest snapshot of what was going on during that period.

Over time, I gradually began to post my experiences online instead of on paper – adopting a watered down version of my thoughts…which became this blog.

I felt like I could write freely, but knew in the back of my mind that certain people were reading and therefore couldn’t be as honest as I should have been.

With social media, it’s like ur supposed to just talk about every little mundane thing that happens daily. Isn’t it all so self indulgent….and kinda fucking boring?

So I’ve been laying in bed recently thinking about my accomplishments so far, and how much I still need to do, and maintaining a proper work ethic in order to achieve my goals, and also about death.

Yes, I am totally the goth kid in black who sat in the back of your science class.



Farshad, Anthony and myself have done some dope shit since the DiRTY RADiO project started rolling. This includes but is not limited to:

-creating our new production moniker, The HERATIX

-moving into a new studio space(ship)

-starting our own label called TRICKERY

-collabbing with some incredible peeps including RUSKO

-writing our asses of for other projects

-working on TWO albums at the same time

-tryna become the bestest in the westest

We are now just wrapping up our second record. It’s called CASSETTE and will be released online for free very soon.

I was thinking of going into detail about it, but then decided it would be a waste. I’ll let you come to your own conclusions after you listen to it.

My final thought is that there is never a final thought.

And I’m kinda excited to start writing on here again…..







We just finished another Dirty Radio single!

Pick it up on iTunes here:

I’m kind of excited to see what this guy will eat next….


This week is going to be great.  Several new tracks to mix… Guaranteed delicious!

Stay tuned…

Check out the new Dirty Radio track we produced!


Download 9 FREE remixes from Dirty Radio’s album “DEBUT”


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